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Disasters & pitfalls

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008 | Humanism, Life

So A-Soc still has no money. We’ve spent a lot of it but we don’t have any. Any chance of getting sponsorship is all but gone we’re in a deep financial mess.

Meanwhile I found out yesterday that Michelle has stolen Norm on the Tuesday night. So he will miss Mike Lake, not that Mike Lake has a confirmed topic to speak on yet.

Oh and the marquee hire company got back to us this morning to say they couldn’t get a crew to put the tent up on Sunday so they are doing it Monday morning. Despite the fact we are all meeting on Sunday to decorate the tent. Indeed I booked the weekend off work (at considerable cost to myself) to do just that.

I could go on. I could talk about how we don’t even have a generator booked yet because the hire company haven’t got back to me and a list of hundreds of people who have failed to return my emails. But I’ll save that for a later blog post.

I need less stuff

Sunday, April 6th, 2008 | Thoughts

Plans for next year being on topic recently I got thinking about living arrangements, namely this summer is going to involve me having to a) move all my stuff and b) fit it into a new room. Which should be fun. Unfortunately, not literal fun.

I will give me a chance to redesign my room and I have begun to think about that too. After all everyone needs some escapism and what can I say, carefully planning how to make the most efficient use of space does it for some of us :P.

Never the less I feel an extensive culling of my stuff is probably going to be in order.

Stealth tax

Friday, April 4th, 2008 | Life

Just when you’re down enough there is always something to give you that little extra kick.

Went round drive-thru this evening to find that meals have gone up £0.30 as well as having gone up £0.50 on breakfast!

Waste of an afternoon

Friday, April 4th, 2008 | Life

With my phone out of commission I was going to have to rely on my old phone. Oh wait, no, the browser doesn’t work on that.

Not that it matters that I can’t evaluate my software as having just failed my GI coursework I’ve pretty much dug my own grave anyway.

And don’t even get me started on A-Soc…

Waste of a morning

Friday, April 4th, 2008 | Life

As I left for uni this morning I was debating whether I could be bothered to go into town and pick up my phone (which was in for repair) or whether I should pick it up later. I decided to make the trek down to town as I need my phone to test my FYP on a phone browser on. I got down there to have them turn round and say “sorry, we had to send it off, it’s going to be 14 days.” So it should be due back right about the time I’ve just handed my FYP in. Fantastic.

Turbulent times

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008 | Life, Thoughts

It is a strange time of year. Often the large amount of procrastination that occur at such periods as this sends people towards the blogs encouraging a flurry of posts. But things are for the most part silent at the moment. Hell, even my blog has been fairly infrequent recently. We’re talking days between posts. Days!

People on the whole have been fairly quiet. It’s a mix of people not being here and people generally being dispontent. The usual suspects can be found in DEC-10 every day – myself, Si, Dan, Jezz, Chris S and crazy Spanish guy.

Stress levels seem to be flucuating quite a lot at the moment. I felt fairly good about Rationalist Week this morning, I had found us some places that would rent us a van and things were falling into place. But it occured to me this evening that if we don’t get our funding sorted by the end of the week – we are going to have to cancel Rationalist Week.


Then there is FYP.


Then there is post graduation plans.


The moral of the story is, you all need to blog more. So the rest of us have something to read when we’re supposed to be doing things that will affect the rest of our entire lives.