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You just can’t win

Monday, December 31st, 2007 | Life, Tech

I’m currently trying to report an issue with my VPS. I can’t though because ServInt’s support site is down.

Seriously, why is it so hard to find a reliable host?

I was moving away from PowerVPS as I’ve had a few problems with them recently including hostnames and root passwords mysteriously changing in the middle of my trying to set up my new VPS. But I’m not getting any further with ServInt. Bare in mind that these are the two most well respected VPS companies in existence. So it’s hard to draw any conclusion other than than I am cursed.

Consider some of the fun problems we’re currently tackling. Most of the websites in the network use as their nameservers. These are registered with the domain registrar and so are seperate to the server which hosts itself. Yet if you take that server offline, all domains that are not .com or .net (such as, .info and .org) stop resolving. Yep, get your head around that one.

Meanwhile I still can’t get any work on my project done, run my website backups or generally access anything at Burchett Place because of our connectivity issues. The replacement modem was supposed to arrive today, after all I ordered it middle of last week and payed for next day delivery. It hasn’t turned up. I can’t phone City Link because eBuyer haven’t given me a consignment number and I can’t phone eBuyer because they are closed for new year.

This results in me not being able to go home and do some revision because I need to be here with internet access to resolve these issues I am having with all the websites which is now starting to cost me lots of money, money which I don’t have. Still, who really wanted a degree anyway?

Sarann’s bad influence diary

Saturday, December 29th, 2007 | Distractions, Friends

Clearing out a lot of old content on the Worfolk Online network I’ve come across a lot of random crap, especially when it comes to the CassieNet Wiki. Amist the random stories and half finished articles I found the long lost Sarann’s bad influence diary detailing how Sarann corrupted people. I present it now for your consideration.

Unfortunately some of the records have been lost and it was only maintained for a short period but just look at the destruction caused :p.

Monday 13rd February 2006
* Sarann destroy’s Anthony’s self esteem

Wednesday 15th February 2006
* Got Michelle drinking
* Got Liz eating meat

Tuesday 21st February 2006
* Encouraged Chris to steal the SE15 register

Tuesday 28th February 2006
* Got Michelle drunk and got her smoking

Friday 3rd March 2006
* Incouraging Andrew to fight at Rock Soc social

Tuesday 14th March 2006
* Getting Michelle to slip out of a CS12 lecture

Looking back it really makes me think about how much we have changed. I mean, do you remember when it used to be an achievement to get Michelle drinking? It seems like so long ago.

Quiet reflections

Friday, December 28th, 2007 | Thoughts

Having had a bit of free time over the holidays it’s given me some time to do some proper reflecting and general thinking shall we say. It really makes me think about how I don’t have time to do enough reflecting during term time lol.

I’m a long way from having nothing to do. I’m trying to burn as much of my FYP as possible as well as starting to get some revision done which is going to get blitz next week while at the same time stoking the bank balance and working on a huge migration of almost every site in the Worfolk Online network to which any leftover scraps of time are donated to the odd bit of family time and trying to spend some quality time with my friends before they disappear back off to uni in January.

Still, there isn’t quite the pressure you encounter during term time. I don’t have to be up every single day for something. I don’t (to an extent) have meetings and appointments at set times, I can work and sleep as I feel. And it’s a very fine change.

I’m still not completely sold on this whole holiday concept though. It makes it hard to get things done when people aren’t working. Our modem denied on Christmas Eve and eBuyer are quoting next Monday on “next day delivery” (10 days away). That said, Christmas Day is a good day to get work done – I got a response from my server company in 4 minutes! Of course, support is always willing and ready but this was sent to the sales department so I was most impressed.

Sick as Danny C would say

Wednesday, December 26th, 2007 | Life

Christmas Day sucked. Having been up late and not getting to sleep until like 4ish because I had been at work the night before so didn’t have a 9-5 sleep pattern I got dragged out of bed at 9 and then proceeded to spend the day having my family attempt to engage me in mindless conversation. I really don’t care how many Christmas specials Strictly Come Dancing has – I have a life so no, I don’t watch it.

Today was a little better though. It got back to the true meaning of Chrismukkah – earning money. 13 hour shift at time and a half, that will do nicely.

You are not what you were born, but what you have it in yourself to be

Tuesday, December 25th, 2007 | Tech

Many people are probably in bed by now.

After all it’s 1am on Christmas Day morning.

Of course most people didn’t have to drag their ass out of their nice warm bedroom at 11pm Christmas Eve to go spend 2 hours trying to bring the internet back online so that they could get on with doing some of their final year project for their degree which requires remote access.

As it turns out, I’m not in this group of most people. Nor have I actually got anywhere with the time I’ve spent unless you class ensuring I don’t get enough sleep before getting up tomorrow as getting somewhere. Personally, I don’t. But maybe I should as it would ensure far more victories in life for me.

So there is some quality time down the drain now it’s just a case of waiting to see how much money goes down the drain as well. Of course that’s a joke – it’s going to cost far more of my valuable time to sort it out than has been taken up so far. Happy holidays everyone.

ID cards paranoia

Monday, December 24th, 2007 | Religion & Politics

Ok, don’t get me wrong, I don’t support the introduction of ID cards. I know the reasons against ID cards, I agree with them and I don’t need you to list them for me. But all this overkill paranoia about them is forcing me to play devil’s advocate. Consider this…

  • We already have an identity document system, it’s called a passport. Like an ID card it costs you to get one, like an ID card you need one to open a bank account and like an ID card you are in trouble if it falls into the hands of a criminal.
  • ID cards aren’t some crazy system the government has dreamed up to invade our privacy, lots of countries including many European nations already have them – Spain, Belgium, France and Italy.
  • It’s not even the first time they have been introduced in the UK, we have had them twice before.
  • The act of parliament to introduce ID cards has already been passed so it’s too late to stop them there.
  • Who cares if someone gets their hands on your personal details – they’ve already got them off that missing CD anyway 😛

Happy winter solstice

Saturday, December 22nd, 2007 | Events

Tonight is the longest night of the year. For the nothern hemisphere at least. Solstice occurs at 06:08 to be exact. It only gettings lighter from here people (although to be clear that’s not indefinite :p).

Getting out of bed

Thursday, December 20th, 2007 | Tech, Thoughts

On a morning I wake up and flip open the laptop screen. I VNC into my desktop and turn off the movie I had playing last night. To take myself up I turn on some rock music at a decent volume. I then proceed to check my email, check Facebook and get a few other jobs done.

The problem is, where do I go from here. If I’m getting up at a decent time it’s still gloomy outside and I need to turn a light on. But this requires getting out of bed before I really want to. I then need to get dressed too.

With all our advanced wireless technology I feel these are problems I shouldn’t have to deal with. How can I further automate mornings so I don’t have to deal with them by getting out of bed? USB desk light perhaps? Do they make ones you can control from your desktop? That would solve step one. Now I just need some kind of robot…

Server switch

Wednesday, December 19th, 2007 | Tech

My server has been suffering quite a lot of downtime recently which on top of the less of revenue and amount of hours I have had to spend fixing it rather than doing uni work has had a far more important consequence – I have been unable to rant on my blog!

In order to solve this sites are getting moved around to new servers including my personal site which is now located on Jennifer.

Dot Net is sexy

Wednesday, December 19th, 2007 | Tech, Thoughts

Having read Kieran’s post which in turn leads on to Dan Zambonini’s post about which programming language gets you most sex it got me thinking. While it does, as Dan correctly points out, vary from situation to situation, you really don’t seem to be able to go wrong with Dot Net.

Think about it. People like myself and George we’re Python FTW. I generally use Python for my “real” programming projects (generally I just script so something that runs on my desktop is rare :p) because it’s fast. Just like me in the bedroom. While I doubt the same is true for George we both share the commonality of singledom. Admittedly George fairs much better than my own barron wasteland of a romantic life but bare with me.

How about say Kieran and Raby? Well Mr. O’Shea sold his soul to X-Lab for the summer writing in Dot Net (because secretly he’s just a big Microsoft fan boy :D) and is currently in a long term relationship with Heather that has gone as far as mystery weekends away so you know it’s serious. Meanwhile Raby is currently working for a year at CSC who code a lot in Dot Net after doing a summer intership of C#. The result? No shortage of ladies. Let’s just say, the girl in his profile pic isn’t his girlfriend ;).

Lessons learned? Getting laid starts with the Dot Net framework ;).