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The food chain

Tuesday, October 31st, 2006 | Life

A while ago I knocked up a diagram to explain how the food chain works in nature. I was clearing my laptop’s hard drive when I came across it so I thought I would share it.

The food chain

This just isn’t cool

Tuesday, October 31st, 2006 | Life

It’s been 5 days since I ordered my new laptop and it still hasn’t been dispatched. When I originally placed my order they had a date for when they were getting it in but everything else in the order was an unknown date. Then within a few days I had dates for everything else but had lost the date for my laptop. At the moment I now have a mix. And everything was dated (except the laptop itself) for today which has now been pushed back to tomorrow, Thursday or unknown.

That said it’s quite wierd as my two bits of networking kits have been upgraded to “to be picked” so I think I’m on a bit better ground there. I will not be impressed if the order is held up by network cables though I think I’m going to be waiting on the laptop more than anything. I’m hoping it all gets sent out ASAP as I’m desperate to get it, I’m checking the order tracking information religiously.

Internet Explorer 7 is here

Tuesday, October 31st, 2006 | Life

If you haven’t tested your websites with Internet Explorer 7 – well, you should have. Because you’re out of time. IE 7 is here. I’ve got a little update notification sitting in my system tray telling me that Windows XP update dealie is ready to install Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP.

If you haven’t tested your site with it I would recommend you do so as soon as possible – very soon you could see the majority of your audience using it.

I woke up this morning covered in blood

Saturday, October 28th, 2006 | Life

Last night was Ellerslie Hall’s Halloween do. Kicking off with fun and games in the common room (including Twister!) between 8 and 10 though I grabbed a few hours sleep and so didn’t wander down until 9:30.

At 10 we headed down to Creation for free entry with fancy dress (my sterling effort was a hockey mask and fake blood on my arms and the latter was a late addition) and headed into the cheese room for a bit. After a short time there we headed up to the main room as we had the VIP area there with our own bar and the music was quiter so you could actually hear each other talk.

Birthday celebrations

Saturday, October 28th, 2006 | Life

Thursday was a fun night. I started off with a meal in the Queen’s Arms before heading to The Old Bar (in a taxi after the busses failed us miserably again) at which we spent 30 mins or so before hitting Bourbon. We then drank there until they kicked us out and headed off to Rockstar at Halo until they kicked us out :D.

I got through a total of 12 units in the night of which 8 of which were shots so I was reasonably hammered by the time we left Bourbon. After getting kicked out of Halo we headed back to Graham’s for some Counterstrike and other Graham related activites.

So yeah, it was an awesome night.

So yeah, time didn’t stop

Thursday, October 26th, 2006 | Life

I’m 20! How did this happen? All my faith that God would stop time for me didn’t help a bit. It’s almost as if God isn’t up there listening to everything I’m saying. Still as my mum pointed out on the phone earlier today (on the phone as my family went to Kent for a few days abandoning me on my birthday – albeit with a very valid reason) there is still time for God to stop it before her 50th and therefore I can stay 20 forever. It’s still a step too far though.

On the plus side, I just spent a lot of money. I love spending money. I was waiting for my cashback credit card but then is it really worth saving a £10 when you’re spending like a grand, it’s a drop in the ocean and it’s my birthday so I can blow £10 on getting my stuff a few weeks earlier if I want to!

What did I get you ask? Well, I got myself a new laptop as it happens :). The Samsung Q35 to be exact. Weighing in at less than 2kg, featuring a 12.1″ screen and having a battery life of 6 hours (that’s not a typo, CNET said it was the longest battery life they had ever seen) it’s one of the most ultraportable laptops ever. The only thing that comes close is the Q30 which weighs half that but with much reduced features and the really mega expensive laptops which cost silly amounts. And they still don’t match up on battery life.

I also got some new networking equipment. After all I need to go wireless if I’m spending so much on a wireless laptop and my current wireless router is at home plugging the parents network. Sure I could ask for it back as it’s mine and they only have one computer on there now anyway but then I also want wireless at home because I’m home every weekend for work and I would need a new switch even if I could live without wireless as I would need to at least plug in to a wired network at home as that is what my new laptop is all about – being able to work absolutely anywhere. I can carry it anywhere, it has a battery that can last for an entire day away (or indeed an entire weekend at home given I will be working for most of it and so it won’t be turned on a lot of the time).

So yeah, I can’t wait for it to arrive, it’s going to be awesome. I really loved my first laptop when I got it even though it was far from ultraportable but I loved being able to go anywhere with it. Now that I can jack into wireless networks (which cover most of uni) and will once again have something with a battery life I’m really going to enjoy the mobility I lost when my last laptop’s battery gave up and just went and hid under a rock.


Tuesday, October 24th, 2006 | Life

As with most of the level 2 SoC students I’m currently burried under a sea of coursework. With coursework in every single module now there is a lot to get through and I haven’t really had time to do it given how much I am working at the moment.

The thing is though – coursework is very stressful. Uni on the whole is stressful. You are constantly having things thrown at you. For my AI21 coursework I have to write a program that will detect edges in an image. Where do I even start with that? There is a lot to be said for jobs where you just turn up, do your work and go home again.

Wendy House

Sunday, October 22nd, 2006 | Life

So I went to work on Friday, walked on shift about 9pm, there were about 10 people there and I realised I was the second oldest. How depressing is that! Then yesterday I did my day shift and headed back to uni for Wendy House. I joined B, Sophie and Michelle at their pre-Wendy drinking session at which people were getting somewhat wasted, especially by the time we left for Wendy at 11ish.

As ever it provided a solid night. The music was a bit off but then they did end the night with Crazy. Also I met some cool new people and woke up with a comedian recommendation written across my arm.

Not quite a general life update

Friday, October 20th, 2006 | Life

I don’t have mega amounts of time as I need to flee to work soon but here is a quick run down of what is going on at the moment.

I feel like I haven’t been blogging much recently although looking at the post dates and such I have (though it’s down to a sensible level at the moment). That said it has mostly been about other things such as internet stuff and gossip, blogging about what is going on with me has somewhat taken a back seat.

No wonder though, I now have coursework in all of my modules and a heavy workload at work too. It’s bringing in plenty of money though and I’m basically just waiting for my new credit card to arrive so that I can buy a new laptop and get cashback for buying it on my credit card :p.

In terms of online ventures I am moving forward gradually, I’m trying to wrap my head around where am I now that I am slowly settling back into uni and can think clearly again. I’m planning to launch a few new sites in the near future, especially those centred around TV as those sites are currently bringing in the most revenue.

Finally to quickly recap my personal life, it’s Wendy House tomorrow so huzzah though other than that there is very little going on. Still single unsuprisingly but not being so depressed about it at the moment which is cool. Maybe it’s because I’m clubbing less and so have forgotten what I’m missing. I’ll soon have a new baby to love anyway (the laptop of course ;)).

Ash and Jill?

Friday, October 20th, 2006 | Friends

Last year Ash had 4 jobs. That’s a lot of jobs. I’m presuming he still has them all. He was also president of CompSoc (he had to step down because he is involved in a court case or two but was going to do the work for it) and he has a girlfriend. How does he manage all this in his 3rd year? He can’t be doing that much uni work. So how is he planning to pass? Sleeping with Jill maybe?