Potter Me Up

Recently, I finished reading the complete Harry Potter series. Well, listening in any case.

I had read the first three and a half books as a child, and they were quite entertaining, so when I found out that I could have over one hundred hours of Steven Fry’s voice in my ears, I decided it was definitely worth a listen. That isn’t to say I didn’t agree with Stewart Lee’s take on the whole series.

But having got through them all, I’m now a sold up Potter fan! Rowling’s exploration of the magical world is entertaining, enthralling and all-round good escapism. It seems unlikely that at 26 I’ll be getting my letter from Hogwarts – but I can dream!

While some of the value is certainly lost on the adult audience – Harry’s dealings with the fairer sex for example, most of it was retained sufficiently to keep my entertained through all seven books.

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